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This oil on canvas was painted while he was a patient in Saint-Paul Asylum. It shows the view of Saint Remy de Provence night sky from the east-facing window of his room.

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The Starry Night was in the acquisition of several art collectors and then it has been a permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art, New York since Van Gogh took the series of Sunflower as his artistic signature. However, While speaking of Sunflowers, it most commonly referred to Arles series. Painted in Nuenen in , The Potato Eaters is regarded as his earliest masterpieces.

This painting showed how ambitious he was to be an artist. He made a hundred portrait studies of peasants and several original versions before making the final version, but unfortunately, it never happened until his death. Van Gogh lived in many cities and spent most of his time moving. It could say that he never had his own bedroom until he was living in the Yellow House in Arles. He sent a sketched detail and described his impression of the bedroom through a letter to his brother and his friend Paul Gauguin.

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Van Gogh painted the first version while he was here, which is now on display at Van Gogh Museum. The scene from this painting is still in existence. Some people believe that he expressed his dark feelings through this painting, because of the dark cloudy skies, the crows refer to death and the dead-end path those refer to the end of his life.

Image Credit : Wikimedia. Vincent painted over 30 self-portraits between the year and He accepted that he did not have enough money to pay models to pose for portraits.

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What is more compelling, however, was a short walk away from his grave: the wheat fields down the dusty road where he painted his final series of canvases. By the end, the trip became something of a pilgrimage. I had gone to where van Gogh trekked alone with his easel on his back, gazing at the crooked olive groves, the obelisk-like cypresses and the swirling starry nights.

When I tramped down a dirt road along a river in Arles to the Pont de Langlois, which van Gogh depicted in four drawings, one watercolor and four oil paintings, I wondered: Why, when living in the center of a city like Arles, dotted with beautiful Roman ruins that filtered evening light in dramatic and wonderful ways, he was instead attracted, over and over again, to this slightly old-fashioned little drawbridge miles outside of town.

And, having come all the way from Amsterdam, through so many van Gogh locations, I realized that I knew. Although van Gogh traveled far to discover the right effects, the right light and the right subjects for his paintings, all the while he was longing for a sense of home. The more I traveled the more I became fascinated by this man van Gogh, who transmuted the reality of things he saw into images that are more real than real. The landmarks provided me with a starting point, from which I could travel out, and get a sense of the distances he traveled, both physically and mentally, to achieve the remarkable heights of artistic creation in the short span of a year career.

It is in the heart of Amsterdam, with a permanent exhibition of his work as well as temporary exhibitions that relate his works to other great artists. Rue Neuve, 8, Mons; ; www. But exhibitions are often linked to the painter, who had a tremendous influence in Mons.

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Fanton; Arles; fondation-vincentvangogh-arles. Paul de Mausole Monastery. Chemin St. Paul, St.

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Different flowers are in bloom throughout the year; check for seasons for irises, almond blossoms and sunflowers. Maison de Van Gogh Place de la Mairie, Auvers-sur-Oise; , the restaurant and inn Auberge Ravoux, the last place where van Gogh lived, and where he died. You can see the tiny room he inhabited, and eat a classic French meal at the lovely restaurant downstairs.

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Travel Touring Europe in the Footsteps of van Gogh. Log In. Supported by. Nuenen, the Netherlands After he had resolved to devote himself to art, van Gogh moved back to the Netherlands, to live with his parents for two years in the town of Nuenen, where his father was the local minister. Provence, France Finding original artworks by van Gogh in most of the locations I visited would have been nearly impossible except for the special exhibitions designed for Van Gogh Year.

Between and , they purchase no fewer than 91 paintings and more than works on paper.

source url Their budget is virtually unlimited. Helene considers Van Gogh to be 'one of the great spirits of modern art'. In August , when he decides to concentrate on his artistic practice after unsuccessful careers as an art dealer, teacher, theology student and preacher, Van Gogh is 27 years old.