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Students have great opportunities to apply their critical and analytical learning to the practical world. All majors are required to complete an internship with agencies in the community. Internships provide the opportunity to network in the field of criminology or social services and gain real-world experience. Our Criminology program is housed in an interdisciplinary department allowing for cross-over in terms of courses offered and faculty who may teach in multiple disciplines including forensic psychology, anthropology, sociology.

Acquired Skills Our program is not technical training for criminal justice careers but teaches fundamental skills necessary to those careers. Student Learning Outcomes.

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Career Possibilities Graduates from UMD's criminology program pursue a variety of careers in criminology or the criminal justice system such as law enforcement federal, state, and local or corrections probation, parole. Student Clubs Criminology Club is a student run organization with a faculty sponsor.

Faculty Highlights Our faculty engage in timely, scholarly research that is relevant to students and the broader community. Faculty background and research areas include: A Forensic Clinical Psychologist who does a lot of work with the courts and police in the area. Training law enforcement on how to work with people with severe mental illness and doing competency and sanity evaluations for the courts. Cybercrime, cyber bullying, and fear of crime. Media and crime. College of Liberal Arts.

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Where the possibilities are endless. This way, students can understand why society punishes certain actions while rewarding others. They also take a look at psychology and criminal risk factors. Networking opportunities provide a practical addition to theoretical knowledge, giving students a balance. Overall, this program is one of the best undergraduate criminology programs. UCI is a vibrant, thriving university with strong research and challenging academics.

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Maryland Criminal Justice Schools

This school values innovation. It encourages students to think outside the box. They also learn how to apply their education to social issues and other real-world opportunities.

These reasons include economics, sociology, biology, and more. Students at ASU study all of these reasons deeply. Of course, they also learn how the criminal justice system makes a difference in these factors. ASU also provides practical opportunities for career advancement. With practical research projects and lots of networking opportunities, students can forge a pathway into career success. This combination of theoretical and practical knowledge makes this program one of the best undergraduate criminal justice programs. ASU is an innovative, research-focused school.

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This school emphasizes real-world applications for new ideas. As a result, ASU creates strong and confident leaders. They learn how to turn those theories into actions they can use on the job. As a result, students gain confidence and career-ready skills.

ASU is the 1 public research university in the US for first-year experience. Rutgers University offers a great Criminal Justice program. As a BA, this program provides core knowledge for criminology students. Students get to take a broad look at all things criminology, from juvenile criminology to forensic science. The program provides a firm foundation, helping students with whatever direction they choose to take their careers.

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For those who want a solid experience with all things criminology, this is one of the best undergraduate criminology programs. Rutgers is one of the top research institutions in the US. As such, it values innovative ideas and encourages students to think deeply. Rutgers prides itself on its affordability and diversity. Students of all backgrounds have found their place here.

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The school shows students how to bring their unique perspectives and current knowledge into their careers. Students get to learn from some of the most knowledgeable people in their fields.

The Cyber Criminology major provides more specificity. In any case, these programs are challenging, multifaceted, and innovative. FSU is one of the top 20 national public universities, and with good reason. It provides students with all the resources they need to think critically and foster new ideas. This culture of new ideas means that students have lots of opportunity to turn their knowledge into action. Those who want to study criminal justice online should consider FSU.

As a BA program, it lets students explore a wide array of ideas. Students learn all about the causes of crime and how to manage risks. They also learn about the ethics of criminal justice and how they can make their society a more fair and ethical place.

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These classes demonstrate the challenges that face the criminal justice system today, so students are prepared to meet these challenges when they graduate. For those who want a multifaceted approach, MSU has one of the best undergraduate criminology programs. MSU is a respected and recognized school with a name that looks great on a resume. More importantly, though, it provides an excellent education. The end result is an experience of a type of empathy that not only deepens understanding of the victimization of children, but also empowers effective action.

Stanley manages this program. Through any of our programs, you can participate in a unique, career-preparatory internship and work with our recognized faculty, who bring their working knowledge of the criminal justice field to UB. School of Criminal Justice. Home About the College Schools School of Criminal Justice Understand how to apply what you learn in the classroom to the city around you.