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There are four aspects to consider:. A big factor in finding a good fit is the culture of the firm in which an attorney practices. Consider whether or not you— and your case— are better served by a solo attorney or a multi-attorney law firm. With a solo attorney, you know exactly who will be working on your case. When you call their firm, you know exactly who will be on the other end of the line. The drawback is that you may have to wait a few days to get that attorney on the phone, as they may be in mediation, in court, or in a deposition.

If you know that you are someone who needs a bit more hand-holding, you may feel more comfortable in a multi-attorney law firm. Going with a larger firm increases the chance that you can call and talk with someone about your case at any time. Have a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor who has been through a divorce?

Ask who represented them. Carefully review websites— an attorney who pays close attention to their website will likely pay close attention to their clients. Look for an attorney for whom family law is not just a practice area, but a passion. Ideally, you want to visit multiple attorneys before choosing who to work with. Some attorneys will provide free initial consultations and others will charge for their time.

Do not be afraid to pay for an initial consultation. Done properly, an initial consultation should provide you with value, regardless of whether or not you end up retaining that firm.

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You should leave the consultation knowing more about divorce laws and local norms in your area, and should have some strategy ideas for how to proceed. I will answer your questions, evaluate your case and provide an estimate for fees. The firm is easily accessible by public transportation and local interstates. Nashville Divorce Attorney Selecting an attorney The Law Office of Karen Cain knows that most people who need a family law attorney have never consulted a law firm before. You should seek a divorce attorney in Nashville who is: Experienced Affordable Accessible Experienced, affordable divorce and child custody lawyer in Nashville, TN With more than 30 years of experience in a legal practice devoted solely to family law, I provide sound advice and quality representation to the residents of Nashville and its surrounding areas on a variety of divorce matters.


Open, direct communication 24 hours a day Clients who come to me can expect straightforward answers. Call on Nashville divorce attorney Karen Cain for a free consultation Contact Karen Cain online or call for experienced, efficient, cost-effective representation on all family law and divorce issues. X Contact Form We will respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.

Thank you. Quick Contact Form. He is smart, well-adjusted, and happy. I owe that to Donna. Some insight on why Donna is so good, and other attorneys would be wise to heed this, is the fact that her intuition is amazing. She gets to know you, her client, and in doing so also knows who and what you are going up against.

She prepares her strategy based on this knowledge and, coupled with her knowledge of the law, provides the best representation you could ever hope for. One more point I would like to make is Donna only takes a limited number of cases at any time. I would never use anyone else. Donna Green was very helpful in my divorce case and acted with constant professionalism.

She advised me on court proceedings that were necessary for me to receive an equal distribution of an asset and temporary support in my divorce case. Donna was always mindful of my comfort zone in making decisions concerning the case and showed a great amount of expertise when dealing with opposing counsel. I feel pleased with the outcome of my divorce and feel that Donna's experience in the courtroom as well as reputation within the legal community contributed to my positive outcome.

In fact, I prefer to meet with a potential client before the divorce pending. That allows me to advise the person to take actions that might change the outcome of their divorce if they are put into place before someone actually files. The first step is to call to set up an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, I will learn about the unique facts of your situation, and give you my assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

If there are actions you can take to strengthen your position in a legal battle, I will advise you to do so, and discuss my tentative strategies for maximizing your outcome. At the end of the meeting, I will have enough information to set a retainer amount if you choose to hire me to represent you.

Typically, the consultation meeting runs about one hour. The total cost of a divorce or other family law matter can vary greatly. Due to the unpredictable nature of litigation, it is impossible for any attorney to predict the total cost of a divorce with certainty.

If you choose to hire me to represent you, you will pay a retainer, which is like a deposit to be applied toward future service. My husband and I have not been getting along these past few months so he decides to take his son, from a previous relationship, and two yr old, from a previous relationship, and move in"temporary" with his mom in Alabama.

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But we have a seven month old little girl together which I've been taking care of her by myself because I am currently unemployed. My husband works weekend days at a plant. We are renting a house in Fayetteville, TN but for a month now it's just been my infant and myself. He pays child support for his two yr old but has not really helped me with our daughter. With a new baby in the house, two other children in a newly blended family situation, and you out of work, your household has enough stress to challenge any marriage.

You may want to consider marriage counseling to see if your relationship is worth saving. Divorce will not put you in a better financial position, and you will no longer be able to see your baby every day.

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Be sure you are aware of the consequences if you choose to seek assistance from a divorce attorney and file for divorce -- it is not a magic bullet to make all problems go away. My son-in-law was recently kicked out of his home and replaced by a boy friend. They have 4 children 8 years and younger. Is it possible to keep the boy friend away from the children until the divorce is final. When your son-in-law files for divorce, he can ask for a hearing on the issue of whether the children can be exposed to the new boyfriend.

However, there is no hard and fast rule here. Some judges will routinely prohibit contact between the children and the new lover. Others will prohibit only overnight visits or ask for proof that the boyfriend is a danger to the children such as history of violence, child abuse, or drugs.

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In some cases, a judge may place no restrictions on contact with the boyfriend, but if the exposure continues, the judge may weigh it heavily against the mother at the final divorce because it shows such poor judgment as a parent. I recently lost my job after injuring my back and have been experiencing depression. My doctor instructed me to file for disability. My son and I are now on TennCare. I had to sign papers agreeing for the state to go after my ex husband for insurance. Knowing my ex, he will sue me for custody rather than pay more than he currently is.

Will my suffering with depression go against me if he does go for custody? Is it abandonment? There are numerous factors that a judge would consider in any child custody case, but certainly, two factors that would weigh heavily against your ex are not visiting in two years, and filing for custody in retaliation for a child support increase. Your illness and disability are relevant only to the extent that they impact your ability to parent. Hello, my wife and I are in the beginning stage of divorce, we are yet to file. With our rental agreement expiring next month, my wife decided that she wants to buy the house before going through the divorce.