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Some persons listed might no longer be registered sex offenders and others might have been added.

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Some addresses or other data might no longer be current. Owners of City-data. Accordingly, you should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information before making any decision related to any data presented on this site.

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Discuss this city on our hugely popular Alaska forum. It may be up to Alaskan citizens to fix this problem themselves, otherwise. Seems they have more rights than law abiding citizens and their children, in many instances. No ex-post facto laws, no double punishments, no cruel and unusual punishments.

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The AK Supreme Court made a grave error. Doe moving 5, miles did not all of a sudden cure his mental illness or his criminal mind — whatever the correct diagnosis is. Would any of the judges trust Mr. Doe to take their grandkids to the park? So people not on the sex offender registry you trust to take your grandkids to the park? You have zero sense.. At issue is Mr.

When did the topic open up to all adults? Stick to the issue and you will sound more cogent.

Alaska Justice Forum 25(1–2), Spring/Summer 2008

Using the registry to do that kind of vetting is dangerous. Is Mr. Doe Dangerous? What about the 17 yo boy with a 16 yo girlfriend…he turns 18, and is arrested for statutory rape. He ends up on the sex-offender registry. That is just wrong. Those are the ones who should NOT be on the registry. There have been sex offender prosecutions of underage teens both sexes who are sexting one another with word and image.

Those convicted end up on the list for the rest of their lives. Where do you draw the line between young and dumb and evil? Difficult stuff. Cheers —.

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I dealt with a guy that women in State government were constantly harassing because he was on the sex offender list. It was a teenaged romance and her parents had some influence, so he got nailed for statutory rape and went on the list for life. Today, that is sexual assault. I left the registry.

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When I was on it I could not keep a home, job, or friends. Now that I am not on it, I have a home, job and friends. Not only that but the registry is applied ex-post facto. Would you mind putting your skills to work for us? When is the next judge retention vote and will any of these three dims be on the list?

Hundreds of sex offenders get their names taken off the sex offender registry every year in Colorado

Thanks, Steve. You lack the skills to press a link in the article? If that is true.. Women Against Registry advocates for the families who have loved ones required to register as sexual offenders. If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members you can clearly see there are well over 3 million wives, children, moms, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers and other family members who experience the collateral damage of being murdered, harassed, threatened, children beaten, have signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, children passed over for educational opportunities, have flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives lose their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant….

It is very important that you read the abstract below and then the full 12 page essay by Ira Mark and Tara Ellman. Doe, a heavily cited constitutional decision on sex offender registries, in fact provide no support at all for the facts about sex offender re-offense rates that the Court treats as central to its constitutional conclusions. Recent decisions by the Pennsylvania and California supreme courts establish principles that would support major judicial reforms of sex offender registries, if they were applied to the facts.

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This paper appeared in Constitutional Commentary Fall, Google: Frightening and High Essay. This is the first case I have heard of whereby a hearing is mandated to allow someone off a registry that does not pose a danger to society.

http://leondumoulin.nl/language/feather/the-shoop-shoop-song.php Every other scheme I have read about is statatorily created. But a real problem arises that is being litigated in a federal case out of Colorado , in that how does a person prove a negative? It is impossible and therefore no person is ever let off a registry. I have been arguing for about a decade for exactly a hearing like this.

Josh Revak has brought with it a vacancy in House District Anchorage, Alaska AP - A group has formed to oppose a proposed ballot measure seeking to change Alaska's oil tax structure. Anchorage, Alaska AP - A judge has taken 10 years off the sentence of an Alaska militia leader imprisoned for a conspiracy to murder government officials, court records said. Juneau, Alaska AP - Attorney General Kevin Clarkson's office is seeking to hire outside attorneys to help defend his decision that changes are needed in the way Alaska collects union dues.

Juneau, Alaska KINY - A year-old Juneau man faces assault in the second degree charges after a rifle was fired during a domestic incident Wednesday evening.