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Order online or by phone with your major credit card: VitalChek Third Party Vendor Response Time: Weeks and up to 5 business days on all expedited orders. Click here for a list of County Offices. Note: It is not possible to request a birth certificate from the State Office by email or telephone. By law, all vital record search requests must be signed and submitted. To request instructions for correcting a vital record, call the Contact Center at A person born in the state of Georgia who is not certain that their birth was filed, should request a certified birth certificate either in person or by mail.

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If the record is on file, we will issue a certified copy. We cannot look up a record over the phone to determine if it is on file or its content. Only Georgia birth records are filed and issued by this office.

To obtain a birth record for an applicant not born in Georgia, contact the vital records office in the state of the applicant's birth. There are two separate steps required to obtain an apostille copy or an exemplified copy of a Georgia vital record:.

Current Processing Times for Vital Records Certificates

First, obtain a certified copy of the record using any of the usual procedures, but state that you need a copy with an "original pen-in-hand signature. There is no additional charge for a copy with an original signature. We must know at the time you request the certified copy that you need to obtain an apostille copy or an exemplified copy. It is helpful to include the name of the foreign government that will be using the document.

Then, after you have received a certified copy with an original signature, deliver that copy to the appropriate agency along with the current fee.

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For current information about the fee and location to obtain apostille copies, you may call the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Authority at or visit www. This agency is not affiliated with the State Office of Vital Records. Fees are non-refundable after a service has been provided; Georgia Code authorizes us to maintain the fee for the search itself. Georgia law requires pre-payment before a record or a service can be provided.

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Veterans' Homes. Translated Documents. Data Collection Data Use. Proposed Rules. Once completed, send the application with the total fee included. For mail orders we only accept checks and money orders in U. Please do not send cash or credit card information. We do not offer expedited services. All mail -in orders typically take weeks to process.

To check the status of your order after three weeks, please call If you would like to order a decorative heirloom birth record, the application can be found here. Our office offers same day service for birth and death records as well as Acknowledgment of Paternities.

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For fastest service bring a completed Application for Certified Copies linked here. We accept cash, credit card, check or money order. All local Vital Statistics offices offer same day service as well.

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Please click here for locations, contact information and fees for each office. Please Note: Our office does not currently accept orders over the phone. If you need further assistance, please call our Customer Service Line at This is just a separator between the navigation and the help and search icons. Web Content Viewer.

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