Find out how much my used car is worth

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What's My Car Worth? How to Find Its Resale Value - NerdWallet

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How Much Is My Car Worth?

Please refresh the page and retry. A rguably the most important aspect of selling your long-serving set of wheels is getting the correct car valuation. Luckily, this doesn't have to be down to guesswork or witchcraft, as there are a number of handy car valuation websites that offer free valuations that arm you with the knowledge of what your car is really worth. Where car value was once only really the knowledge of industry insiders, or those with plenty of time on their hands to conduct lengthy analysis of the used car market, it is now as simple as punching a few digits into the correct website and coming away with the latest car prices.

Method 1. Use a blue book evaluation service to get a general estimate. They use records from private transactions, dealer trade-ins, and suggested retail prices to generate an accurate evaluation for a car.

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Blue book evaluations tend to carry quite a bit of weight in the context of a negotiation over a vehicle since their assessments are generated based on a variety of different data points. It is the tool most commonly used by private sellers and buyers to establish an average price. NADA is most often used by dealers to get a wholesale price since it includes information about wholesale vehicles in the evaluation. Click on the search function to advance to the next screen. The box for mileage lists it as optional on some of the sites, but you should include it if you can.

There are always different prices for different versions of a car. Each evaluation service will automatically list the possible choices for your specific car. There are usually letters or numbers like 4C , or a buzzword like TurboX.

"How Much Is My Car Worth?" Get Answers NOW!

Use the estimate as a baseline assessment for the value of your car. The estimate screen will list 2 different evaluations. The trade-in price is what you can expect a dealer to buy or trade your car for. This number will be lower than the private party value, which is the price that you could reasonably fetch if you sell the car on your own. Repeat the process with the other services for more accuracy. Each blue book service uses a slightly different algorithm for evaluation.

How to Quickly Figure Out What a Dealer Will Pay

Consumer Reports is an organization that reviews and investigates makes and models of cars. Method 2. Go online to a major auto retailer. You are going to search for identical vehicles with similar mileage numbers, so you need to find a lot of cars. This makes the bigger online retailers a great place to start. Look for cars that are the same exact year, make, and model. Try your best to avoid deviating from the year, as the difference in price between a model and a model can be massive. Write down the price of each car with the same mileage as the one you're valuing. As you continue to search across different platforms, write down the price of every car you find that is the same year, make, and model.

Try to stick to cars with similar mileages and conditions to get a more accurate picture. If you encounter a listing that seems radically high or especially low, you can ignore it.

There may be special modifications or unique damage to those particular vehicles. A margin for mileage should be around 20, miles in either direction. So if you want to find the value of a car with , miles on it, look for cars that have between 80,, miles on them.