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Flickr: Discussing [Color part now in Feedback] background music and backgrounds in Flickr Ideas

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I'm so sad.

They promised it. Bwehehe : ages ago permalink. I really like the way flickr looks I would hate if I had to browse flickr and see pages in different colours and with music. I guess if you really want your photo to appear on a black background I look forward to that!!

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Originally posted ages ago. Oh gosh oh gosh, I've been wondering for the last couple of years how I can listen to music on my PC while viewing peoples photos and now this suggestion to embed it with the photos I look forward to forcing my taste of music onto everyone who views my photos, but, I doubt if I'll view anyone else's as I probably wouldn't like their music. Said with tongue in cheek if you're wondering :- Or is it ;- ages ago permalink.

Did this get bumped just to make fun of it? Pack to the vault, suggestion, I command ye! They promised us music, fairy dust and animated gifs. It was supposed to come in on April 1. Any update from Staff on how this is progressing?

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  6. Could there be a connection between strange promises and odd things that tend to happen on April 1st.? I would like a choice of a real black background by Flickr. April 1st, Sorry for any confusion. Actually a selection of "standard" colours for general background would not be too bad. Black, White and a couple of Grey levels. I don't mind backgrounds and music I have the "block" button. I guess digital cameras can do photos, videos and audio.

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    And phones can do photos, videos, audio and music If I want background music I use another window and use last. Ability to change background is a good idea, as this falls under the website accessibility thing to help people who are visually impaired, some sites alow you to set colours and sizes.

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    Sometimes 'on white' can make your eyes tired, on black or even just a light green can help. Just don't make pages look garish like most My Space pages! Mabey some ideas of how to make it better? Also, I think the idea would be a bit hard for dial-up users, then again dial-up users shouldn't be on Flickr! Anyway, mabey a way to not display it, and have it automaticlly on mute. Look at this screenshot.. But the colors too much. Link colours, icons colours And white background not only one choise Black is must be an option! Such as Lightroom interface.

    Why Adobe lightroom or Aperture or etc.. Because its too right for photography.. Idk about this I like the simplicity of flickr and how it takes half a second to load a page. I enjoy listening to my music and enjoying others pages. But I do agree with the background. I would like different grey scale colors but now sparkly flash backgrounds that distract the eye.

    Source: www. I am curious if anything in that direction will happen soon. Is'ent that myspace? You have an opinion about how you want people to see your pictures on Flickr, I have an opinion about how I want to see pictures on Flickr. So I'd be fine with your multicoloured nonsense as long as I can view your stream in standard Flickr colours which, of course, makes implementing the multicoloured thing pointless.

    So who does Flickr satisfy? I for one that ipernity has an ugly stick that users can use. Keeps them away from here. I vote NO! If you want background music, get the LastFM player and pick your own stuff. Some people me have their own music to listen to and we get very annoyed when someone's profile music starts playing over it. Some of us watch TV on our computers too. Same thing.

    Seloquent – Free Myspace Div Overlay

    Some of us browse the internet with sleeping babies on our lap and having some obnoxious and uncontrollable sound effect come blaring through the speakers is rude. Finally, Flash is satan. It eats CPU cycles like candy and slows life down. If you need background wallpaper MySpace is a wasteland of uselessness.

    It's like Geocities in Let's not do anything to Flickr that will push it anywhere near that mess. Until people actually develop a sense of aestheticism that doesn't make me cringe, people should not be allowed to personalize their flickr page. Listen here bud - you don't fucking well tell me what I have to do in my own browser on my own machine capisce?

    Time to call time out, I think. I might be being dense here but, if you can already do what you want This is the worst idea I have ever heard. If you want myspace, go to myspace. This is flickr. I'm grateful to see that most everyone responding to this proposal have the commonsense to recognize an atrociously bad idea when they see it. Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is more annoying than opening a web page, and having some irritating low-fi Internet-limited noise blaring from the speakers. I have the volume control handy, but it would be much better if I didn't have to use it. If I wanted to be assaulted with mangled noise masquerading as music, I could go to any one of countless other sites.

    When I come to Flickr, I expect peace, quiet and decorum. Flickr is a sanctuary for intelligent people having an interest in photography and images. Please don't transform it into a noisy clone of MySpace.